About the Campaign

The LGBT community in China is growing and changing. Our voices are being heard like never before. We are coming together in so many ways – starting community centers, organizing Pride events and developing our leadership.

However, most people in China still have very little experience with us or understanding of our movement.

We believe that as our fellow citizens learn more about us they will support our cause and treat us with equality and fairness. That is why a group of LGBT advocates has come together to create a campaign to raise awareness and reduce discrimination.

We launched this campaign for Valentine’s Day, 2015.

With your help, we will reach millions and change their hearts and minds – building a stronger more equal society.

The Team

Zhao Siqi

Zhao Siqi is a marketing professional with over 8 years’ experience spanning diversified fields. As a volunteer of Aibai Culture & Education Center, he has willing to contribute to improve the media perception towards LGBT community.

David Li

Since 2003, David Li served for Aibai Culture and Education Center as a volunteer, translating and editing LGBT related news and materials for the LGBT community and the public.From 2007, he started to manage the translation group of Aibai. Currently, he works with Aibai and the Los Angeles Gay & Lesbian Center to develop the Leadership of the LGBT community in China.

Dylan Chen

Dylan Chen is the Co-Founder of ShanghaiPRIDE Festival & Shanghai LGBT Group. For over 10 years Dylan has been dedicating his free time to the advancement of the LGBT community in Shanghai. With his professional experience in the Marketing, PR & Event industry and his overseas stint at the LAGLC & Aibai’s China LGBT Emerging Leaders Program, Dylan plays an important leadership role among the Chinese LGBT NGO’s. He believes knowledge comes with responsibilities and great changes always start with a few crazy ideas, with persistence everyone can make a difference.

Ying Xin

Ying Xin is the executive director of the Beijing LGBT Center. Pansexual and gender queer, she has worked as a volunteer in LGBT groups since she was a student in university for almost 3 years. Both as an LGBT activist and feminism activist, Ying Xin is involved with many issues of sexuality. As an LGBT activist, Ying Xin is involved in advocacy of same sex marriage and de-pathology on LGBT issues, As a feminism activist, Ying Xin is involved in “occupy the males’ toilet ” and “fight against the domestic violence.” Ying Xin believes that "everyone can create change."

Dongbai Nie

Dongbai Nie is a volunteer for Aibai Culture & Education Center, a non-profit organization based in China. He is in charge of its LGBT media program. He is also employed by a Chinese Internet giant as a product manager. Dongbai received his undergraduate degree in Journalism and graduate degree in Communication, focusing on new media and Internet communications. He applies his academic knowledge and working experience in his LGBT work, using the power of new media to improve the situation of Chinese LGBT communities.

Making the Campaign

This campaign is being directed by a group of advocates who all graduated from the LA LGBT Center Emerging Leaders Program.

After several months of initial project planning, we conducted an online LGBT Awareness Survey during the Spring of 2014. Over 3000 people completed the LGBT survey. We used the information from the survey to help us create concepts to test with the target audience for the campaign (under 30 years old heterosexuals).

You can download the survey and results here.

In May 2014, we held four focus groups with the target audience to test messages and concepts. They gave us useful feedback about their attitudes towards LGBT people and what they thought about the concepts we showed them.

From this discussion, we determined that the most effective messaging for this campaign would focus on sexual orientation not being a choice for homosexuals or heterosexuals.

In September 2014, we conducted a photo and video shoot. 6 couples – 3 homosexual male, 2 homosexual female, and 2 heterosexual were photographed.

Research Behind the Campaign

We conducted an LGBT Awareness Survey in spring of 2014 to gather information on awareness and attitudes towards LGBT people in China.

Please download the survey results here.

We conducted focus groups in May 2014 to speak with our target audience and to show them some of our early ideas.



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